Our centre is a place where your children are part of a family community

Our Approach to Childcare

At Mt Cotton Village Child Care Centre, all children are respected as unique individuals with his or her own needs, abilities, interests and personalities.

We aim to act in the best interests of the children at all times, creating and maintaining a safe and nurturing environment, ensuring children feel valued and families feel safe and supported. Our goal is to become an integral part of the surrounding community, creating a network within the community that values and upholds the importance of childhood.

At Mt Cotton we aim for quality in all areas of service operations, and our policies and procedures are viewed regularly to ensure we uphold current regulations and laws within the industry to a high standard.

The Service strives to create a community of learning that continues to build on the National Quality Standards. We program for children’s learning through the outlines set out in the approved Early Years Learning Framework, with the safety and wellbeing of all children being of the upmost importance. 

Our resources and purpose-built environment have been designed to allow inclusivity and access for all. We have highly qualified and experienced educators that work collaboratively to develop as professionals. The children are the focus of our work and creating strong bonds and caring relationships with them is our highest priority. Partnering with families and the community allows us to create an environment that is accessible, lead by professionals, and focused on continual improvement.

We feel it is important to see children holistically and work to support all aspects of the developing child. We do this through providing opportunities for children to develop physically, socially, emotionally, creatively and cognitively. We believe in equity for all children, respecting diversity, and being responsive to the needs of the children in our care. We view children as capable and involved learners and believe they can contribute to the world around them. 

We seek to provide opportunities for children to meet the outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework through the practices that are embedded in our daily work. We critically reflect as a team of educators regularly, to ensure we are developing best practice, and consistently providing avenues to involve our families and the community in Service operations.


Early Years Learning Framework “Belonging, Being and Becoming”, National Regulations, National Quality Standards, ECA Code of Ethics.

Mount Cotton Village Child Care Centre

Mt Cotton Village Child Care

Our Mission Statement

Mt Cotton Village Child Care Centre aims to provide quality, accessible, long day care in a safe, educational and supportive environment, which is responsive to the needs of our children and families.

We operate within the small community of Mt Cotton and aim to contribute to the fabric of the area as a hub for our youngest members of the community, and the people who care for them.

Our view is to become an integral part of the lives of the families we serve, and to assist them in raising their children to become valued and contributing members of society. Supportive relationships and open and honest communication, as well as quality in all areas of service procedures and operations allows us to achieve a welcoming and warm environment, that allows children to thrive.


What Our Families Say: