At Mt Cotton Village Child Care Centre and St Bernards Village Child Care Centre, each child is respected as a unique person with his or her own needs, experiences, abilities and interests. We recognise that all children learn at individual rates through play, social interaction, first hand experience, modelling and imitation.

We seek to foster and extend the child’s inquisitive nature by planning for a secure, safe, happy and stimulating environment offering developmentally appropriate experiences that will nurture the child’s self-esteem and self-reliance.

We feel that it is important to see the child as a whole and to develop all aspects of the child – physical, social, emotional, creative, intellectual and language skills.

We believe in the rights of all children, regardless of gender, cultural identity, ability, family background and religious beliefs.

We aim to develop happy, well-adjusted and confident children with an interest in learning.

Mission Statement

To provide quality, accessible, long day care in a safe, educational and supportive environment, which is responsive to the needs of our children and their families.